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stupid taxi driver

i had to smack him

Amy just recently referred to a taxi driver story that I don't think we talked about so I will just briefly explain it -
At the train station in Da Nang, we were trying to share a ride with 2 dutch? guys to Hoi An, but the cars are too small to fit any more than 2 people with luggage, so in the confusion, we ended up at another taxi and got in. We assumed that since the meter was on in the car, we would pay a fair price, but this didn't happen. Our driver took the slowest, longest way possible and drove no more than 35mph, I swear. I started looking at him through the rear view mirror and realized that he was actually falling asleep as he was driving. He did things like open the windows and wash his face and move his arms weirdly to keep awake, but his eyes kept closing, so I had to wake him up! Anyway, he charged us too much, tried to take us to Hotel we didn't want to go to and we just didn't like him. Sour taste left in the mouth after this experience. We know we are partly to blame, but nevertheless - you are a jerk, taxi driver!

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by jeremec

Howzit BlackJudge,
Is this the last blog posted? Where are they now?

by dacarls

This is not actually a "real" blog. It's a ploy. Amy and Chris were actually kidnapped by a rogue taxi driver and driven out to the bario, put into cages and are now being held for ransom. Most of their blogs have been quite long so we know this actually wasn't written by one of them. (possibly written by the actually driver descibed in the blog above)

Amy and Chris are well aware that their friends and loved ones hang on every word they write and wait anxiously everyday for their 6+ descriptive paragraphs of all things they've done and seen the last few days.

I knew we shouldn't have let them go to a foreign country alone! Now we'll never see them again!

by NatalieBoh

Ooop! Actually this is happening to US Spring Breakers travelling to Mexico- but in virtual reality. Somehow the Mexicans get hold of phoone #s and start phoning parents about car wrecks, hospital charges. helicopter evacuation needed, etc. All a scam.
In Columbia & Iraq of course, they just kill the kids.

by dacarls

Not to worry - Amy would destroy that rogue driver with a run of her notorious alligator tears and he would be DESTROYED, incapable of doing anything except keeping her safe. And Amy wouldn't go anywhere without Chris.
The mother knows---

by cantoo

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