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bedbugs or mosquitos

i dunno, but ive got the red marks to prove it

sunny 29 °C

Ha-its not that bad - just woke up with an arm fulla red marks. They don't itch, so I'm not bothered.

Yesterday, Amy and I did manage to find a room for Friday night at a place that is not nearly as nice as where we are staying, but its not bad. Not on the beach, but we can still hang out by the water, so it will be just fine.

After a sweaty day yesterday, Amy decided pizza sounded awesome, so we went to an "Italian restaurant" and got some little pizzas and drinks - Amy had rum and coke and I had gin & tonic. The food was NOT delicious, but the drinks were and we had a nice time. We walked home in a rainstorm and when we got to our room we laid down to dry off. Well, that was at 7:30pm and we didn't end up getting out of bed until 6 this morning! It was wonderful. We didn't put the mosquito nets down (until the middle of the night) like we shoulda, since we had the windows open to listen to the rain. So we both have a number of bites. Amy started taking her malaria medicine today! I didn't bring any. So, we'll see what happens there...

This morning we rode an elephant for 2 hours. A thunderstorm approached as we boarded the topless truck that took us to the elephant place, so we got wet. But it wasn't all that unpleasant - at least we weren't sweating. The elephant's name was Rambo - we prefer to think his name is pronounced Rahm boh and means something stately in Thai as opposed to thinking of Sly Stallone. You should too.

Today will be a relaxing day. It is the first day we don't have to wonder about what's next or bothered by figuring out some detail. Amy is getting a massage now, and I'm off to find a hammock.
Here's a link with some pictures of the bungalows we are staying in. Just scroll down to the Bungalows section. But, imagine them looking not quite as nice...

I'm pretty sure Amy mentioned the peafowl in a different post. Since I can't get to her posts to put pictures, here's a picture of that stately guy either trying to scare us or get us to go back to his place..

I think that's it for now. And, thank you for commenting.

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if is was bedbugs, they would have bitten more than your arm. it looks like paradise there! relax and enjoy for a while - you've been busy girls.
we're supposed to get 1-3" of snow this afternoon-------

by chris'smom

I'm not jealous at all. Almost middle of April and the weather back in MI is great. No, there isn't snow falling, it's flying vertical through the air! In the past hour we've accumulated about an inch and it's still fierce out. Yup, same ole business back in MI. Winter weather advisory in April? See what you're missing? Bet you wish you were back home now!

Good luck with the mosquito bites. So you can't hear the rain through the mosquito nets??


by brorob

Actually, the snow here is flying horizontally, and piling up in slushy hummocks. I'm sure the drive home will be an absolute joy.

Hey doesn't this Songkran holiday involve throwing water and flour on everyone you see? No, seriously. My sister and her husband were in Bangkok during Songkran a few years ago, and it sounded like a city-wide waterfight.

Happy Trails!

by 322

it must be a water thing, at least. there was a picture on aol news showing very dressed up elephants spraying passersby with water for the new year.

by chris'smom

Did the bites go away? Those nets over there are not for ambiance, ya know.

by cantoo

I showed Harrison where you were on the map. He said, "Wow, takes 40 days to get all the way there"

by PDX Paula

Bedbug bites? http://www.travelpod.com/travel-photo/reaandtim/baker_lake_2004/1167541680/img_2052.jpg/tpod.html

by mixiemoto

Aloha kakahikaka! Or whatever time it may be...it's cold and rainy here, not missing much, but we're missing you! Great stories; I feel like I'm there with you guys. Can't wait to see pix. I want to hear more about FOOD!!! :o)
sawatdee pi maï
A hui hou ~jewels
P.S. Siena says Hi!

by Siena's ma

This is really great! Thanks for "bringing" me along on your trip - virtually. It's almost like being there. Glad I don't have to deal with the bug bites though.

by morgamar

hi ladies. sorry i missed a day or two but i got hi-jacked by some gypsies at the bar and they kept me drugged for days and wouldn't let me go.. I think one of their names was Rob or N8... not sure. anyway. cool thing riding an elephant yes.. I have wanted to do that but around here you really have to join the circus and right now i dont have a good resume.. Pictures of the inside of the hotel? that great, and i hope they are link pictures i have not checked them yet, but i would like to see some out door pictures from oh say from the top of an elephant or something. buddy the cat has been keeping me good company and Obo has been Obo. going out with my dad a curtis tonight, Jakes tomorrow, and party over by s&g's on saturday. wow its like im on vacation.. F the snow i cant believe the weather here but its almost gone now. Kreig called me at 8am this morning about going out tonight and now he says he is to tired at 7pm.. Yepp.. what is he thinking? Thanks for the thanks and the hint hint and one more hint (the dirty talk will be in your comments Amy) have fun and be safe and for god sake find a monkey already will ya...XOXOXOX sherman

by shurmdaddy

Radish! It was delightful reading about your adventures, as well as broham's added commentary. And it's true, there are Jelly Belly's and a shot glass (fresh from the kiln) waiting for your (wet, white, scabied, I LOVE YOU!) return home. I'm sure it's no surprise that wine consumption was way down this Easter holiday. I tried to step in in your absence, but my effort was paltry at best and I fear you'd be ashamed. Austin and I huffed and puffed our way through a 3 mile, 30 degree, windy as hell run before dinner. Yeah, I don't know, perhaps I've been brainwashed by the same gypsies... no wait, probably different gypsies. Made a point to check out the aol news elephant picture mentioned in another one of your comments. FANCY! Hope you come home with tons and tons of pictures for all of us to peruse. Bri went out to Thai with Mom the other day without me, so I'm pretty much going to slash his new tires. Don't tell him. Ooops, wait. Shoot. heh heh.
Hope your itchy scratchies get better with a quickness - have a great day!

by SissyBluu

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