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May 2007

Long time ago, already

Did it really even happen?

Just a short note - most of you won't read this, but...

Been home for nearly 2 weeks. And it feels like the trip didn't happen. I'm still being asked by people how the trip was - I'll be having breakfast with my brother this morning and I'm sure it will be a main topic discussed, but it feels so distant already. I feel like I'm explaining a tv show or movie I saw instead of something I experienced. I do, however, get a dreamy look in my eyes and a warm glow when I talk about it, so the magic is not gone. It just ended so easily.

I've posted most of my pictures on flickr - http://www.flickr.com/photos/radishranch/
Amy is sending me hers and I'll put those there too. So far I only have them divided into 2 categories - Vietnam and Thailand. I have the ability to put notes on every picture and explain what you see, and I may get to that some day, or I will organize them better, but for those of you who want to see some pictures now, go there and check them out. You will notice lots of pictures of dogs. Amy and I decided the stray dog population in both countries was fascinating and started trying to document every one we saw (an impossible feat - there are so many). I don't know how these dogs manage daily life in the hot hot weather having to scrounge for every meal. Most of the time the dogs were seen just lying on the ground in a bit of shade. They always looked thirsty, tired, and dirty. And I loved all of them.

Last thoughts about the trip - the best thing was spending time with Amy. She and I have been friends for a LONG time, and our time spent together has dwindled in recent years. She and I both had horrible things happen in our lives this past year, and it was nice to get away. We did discuss our feelings, sorrows, etc, but the new experiences we had lessened our heartbreak a bit. And for 2 girls who've never been to Asia, and really had very little help in planning for this trip - I think we did amazingly well. We didn't get lost or in trouble. We didn't get robbed or mugged. We didn't get sick. We didn't run out of money (yes, the ATM machine did eat my card on our last day in Vietnam...). And most importantly, we didn't end up hating each other. Sure, there were times of stress - being tired, hot, hungry makes one cranky, but overall, I think the trip was an outrageous success. And I want to thank Amy for making it all possible. She helped me financially, emotionally and spiritually, and for that I will always be grateful.

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