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I think I might need some help

In complete contrast to Amy's 2-week-long fully-packed status, I have packed only one thing - a miniature roll of toilet paper. My suitcase sits open, as if craving sustenance that I can't seem to provide. I've got piles of things strewn about haphazardly - some on my dresser, some on the dining room table, some in various bags hither and yon. I just can't seem to get any of those items compiled, sorted, nor packed. What is wrong with me?

I am thankful for Amy's new pharmaceutical degree. I was planning on bringing some ibuprofin and some Immodium AD (haha!). And maybe some sunscreen. I hadn't yet explored all of the impending illnesses! I feel pretty safe, though, now that I know about our arsenal of pills. (Here's hoping you'll share, Amy!) Oh, and I do have a slightly unhelpful phrasebook, so if we must "get me to the hospital" we might be able to utter something that somewhat resembles that meaning. Getting it packed, however, may prove difficult!

There is a quote (yes, I looked it up - anything to get out of packing) that I think will prove quite true in the next day or two:
"There is a time when the word 'eventually' has the soothing effect of a promise, and a time when the word evokes in us bitterness and scorn." I must arrive at the airport at 6am Friday morning. I'm confident that I will be feeling that bitterness and scorn on Thursday evening as I maniacally review my belongings and lists for things I may have forgotten (like tank tops).

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To Tank Top or Not to Tank Top

Packing Under the Guise of Thoreau

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Says Amy:
We have not left yet so I'll test this travel blog out by thrilling you with talk about PACKING. Wohoo!

"Simplify, Simplify, Simplify" said transcendentalist Henry David Thoreau.

It's been a very helpful mantra in the past for Momi and I who are notorious pack rats. I'm really trying to incorporate it once again, but when you have to plan weeks ahead, you're going to a place where a toilet seat is a luxury item, and you are a die-hard Capricorn who has a slight case of hypochondria, it's a tough one to live by. How do you say, "Take me to the nearest hospital, I need shampoo" in Thai?

To be honest, I've packed and unpacked for about two weeks now. Very excited? Let me tell you! Chris and I are bringing only carry-on luggage which makes the whole 3 ounce thing a pain in the butt. TSA says we can only have one quart size baggie of liquids per person. And to add insult to injury, they try to make it FUN by giving the whole process a cute rule to follow called the 3-1-1. "Get the 3-1-1 and Play Your Part" the poster says. 3...ounces. 1...baggie. 1...person. Brilliant.

Oh, Thoreau - I don't know if this is possible. Thank goodness most of what I'm bringing is in pill form. I'll be a walking pharmaceutical. So far, my carry on will supply me with malaria pills, Cipro (Thank you Lauren), antihistamines, acidopholus, aleve, ibuprofen, dramamine, my inhaler, band aids, gauze, purel, hydrocortizone, handiwipes, face wipes, tide pen, vitamins, lotion, emergen-c...um, anything else? Oh yes, and shampoo.

Numerous travel blogs have reported back one of the biggest faux pas for women is to be disrespectful and wear "skimpy" clothes such as a tank top. Only the prostitutes wear shorts and tanks they all say. Now, I don't plan on digging out my Duran Duran half shirt anytime soon, but sweet mother it IS 96 degrees in the shade in Thailand right now. But I don't want to kick off the trip insulting anyone. Then to confuse the situation, various people I know who've just returned from there swear that you'd be a moron not to wear a tank top since even the locals do. Somehow we've chosen the hottest month of the year to test this dilemma. Yay! I'm playing it safe and bringing both with cheap yet stylish thrift store clothes. If I am wrong, I'll have some lovely Thai lady fashion me sleeves out of the finest silks.

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