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Long time ago, already 06.05.2007
Vietnam Days 25.04.2007
stupid taxi driver 19.04.2007
I haven't read the news for weeks! 19.04.2007
What's that Smell? 19.04.2007
bumps in the night mean a bandage on the head 19.04.2007
Beep Beeeeeeep Beeeeep Beep 17.04.2007
Traffic wherever you are is nothing like it is here 16.04.2007
Happy songkran! 13.04.2007
Name That Oozing Puss Filled Sore! 12.04.2007
bedbugs or mosquitos 10.04.2007
Paradise Hots 10.04.2007
Living on the edge 09.04.2007
Bangkok Day Three 08.04.2007
So... 08.04.2007
Procrastinators anonymous 03.04.2007
To Tank Top or Not to Tank Top 02.04.2007